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President’s Podium
     …from the desk of
          Michele Gregg, President

President’s Podium - March 2015

Happy March!! We’re still trudging through winter, but Spring will be here soon. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can’t wait for warmer temperatures and, of course, Opening Day at the K! Speaking of which, who’s up for a night at the K for a Royals game and tailgate party? If there’s enough interest, we will get something planned –

Every month at our program meetings you hear me thank our sponsors and speak to the importance of sponsorship to our chapter. I would like to discuss this further, as it is truly an integral part of how our chapter operates. The sponsorship dollars received by the chapter are used to sustain our chapter for the year. Our budget is based on the anticipated sponsorship dollars we will receive and if we do not meet that goal, we cannot deliver at the same level our membership is accustomed to. For example, we have not raised the cost of our annual holiday party in several years, because our sponsors offset the additional costs of food, beverages, and entertainment. If each member had to pay the true cost, tickets would be between $30 and $35 for members instead of the usual $20. Another example is the extremely low cost of the CFM Prep Course and the refund of half of your test fee when registered after the course. If not for sponsorship dollars, we would not have the funds to cover such a generous percentage of these costs. There are plenty of other examples, but I’m sure you catch my drift.

Our sponsors keep this chapter running and the benefits to our members abundant. Please take a moment to thank each of our sponsors for all that they do!

If you are thinking about sponsorship, please let us know what questions you have – There is a wide variety of options to sponsor at any comfort level. You can sponsor a program meeting, a hole at the golf tournament, the holiday party, if you’re looking at an entry level sponsorship. If you’re ready for a higher level of commitment, we have Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum all with the option to pick your benefits. We will have a Sponsorship Breakfast in March – date to be announced. Feel free to come and learn more and ask questions.

Don’t hesitate to reach out. Our sponsorship committee and I are here for you. Let us know what you need and how we can help.





























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