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President’s Podium
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President’s Podium - January 2015

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. As you’re getting back into the daily grind and into the New Year, what projects are you working on? For me, January is a great time to review and enhance emergency procedures. As Facilities Managers, we must be prepared for all types of emergencies – fire, flooding, power outages, bomb threats, etc. However, as Facilities Managers in the Midwest, we also need to prepare for severe weather and tornados. Do you have a plan in place? Where do your employees go for shelter-in-place?

I recently read on FEMA’s website that the required amount of refuge space is 5 sq. ft. for every occupant, standing and seated and 10 sq. ft. for wheelchair users. That can be a lot of space depending on the number of employees in your space. Think about your current plan – does it allow for the required amount of space per occupant? Do you have the required amount of refuge space in your building?

Another tidbit of info I learned at a seminar held at World Work Place is that the President/CEO/Owner of a company can be held both criminally and personally responsible in the event an occupant is injured during an emergency within their space. For example, if company ABC did not have any emergency procedures in place, a fire erupts and an occupant is injured, Tom Smith, CEO of ABC Company could have both criminal charges and a civil suit brought against him. The same holds true if emergency plans are in place, but staff is not given training annually. If you haven’t put a plan together, or if you haven’t reviewed your plan in the last year, you should do so very soon.

Another threat that we must prepare for is an Active Shooter. This is a tough one because how do you plan for something that on average is over is less than 14 minutes? There are many different sessions to attend on this topic; however I have included a link to a free webinar below from an excellent presenter. If you can fit it in your schedule, I highly recommend taking the time to attend.

Active shooters strike public, commercial and educational institutions. There have been four times more active shooters since Sandy Hook than in the five years before. How will your employees, contractors and visitors respond?

This free session on 21 January 2015 will give you insights on how you and your employees should plan, train and exercise for this growing and foreseeable emergency. We’ll profile the likely perpetrator, likely motives and then how you should plan and train your employees to stay safe.

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