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Education Committee
If you have an interest in a particular topic you would like to learn more about, have educational information or knowledge you would like to share, or have a question or comment regarding one of our educational events, etc...Please contact
Education Committee Chair 

Scholarship Committee
If you have interest in applying for a KC IFMA scholarship, would like to make a donation to our scholarship fund, or would like to learn more about our scholarship program or opportunities, etc...Please contact the
Scholarship Committee Chair

Membership Committee
If you have interest in meeting new people and welcoming them into our chapter…Please contact the
Membership Committee Chair

Professional Development Committee
If you would like information about the FMP (Facility Management Professional) designation or the CFM (Certified Facility Manager) certification, or if you would like information regarding any of our FMP or CFM review courses, etc...Please contact the
Professional Development Chair

Programs Committee
If you have interest in a particular topic you would like brought before the membership, know of a facility that would be an educational tour, or know of a location capable of hosting one of our monthly programs meetings…Please contact the
Programs Committee Chair

Sponsorship Opportunities
If you would like to learn about becoming an IFMA sponsor or the opportunities and rewards of doing so, etc...Please contact the Corporate Development Chair.

Webpage Committee
If you are an internet surfer or know or would like to learn beginner internet editing software…Please contact the Communications Chair

Newsletter Committee

If you have newsletter compilation experience, would like newsletter compilation experience or enjoy taking photographs…Please contact the Communications Chair

Events Committee
If you would like more information about the fun events we have scheduled or have an idea for a fun event, etc...Please contact the 
Events Committee.

Golf Tournament Committee
If you would enjoy volunteering for our annual golf tournament...
Please contact our  Golf Tournament Committee

Affiliate Organizations Liasion Committee

If you are involved in other organizations in addition to IFMA, are interested in what other organizations are doing or would like to coordinate joint activities where there may be common interest…Please contact the Liasion, Affiliation Organizations Committee

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Kansas City IFMA
Post Office Box 412591
Kansas City, Missouri 64141




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