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2016-2017 Executive Board Nominees & Vote

Hello KCIFMA !

It's that time of year again when we vote for our new 2016-2017 Executive Board Officers.  

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We appreciate your vote and your KCIFMA involvement!


KCIFMA Executive Board Officer Nominees 

For President:

  Chris Adkins

Bio:  Chris is a Facility Manager, Construction Manager, and Industrial Technologist with over 20 years of experience constructing, maintaining, and managing the built environment.  He is currently a Regional Facilities Manager for Commerce Bank’s Corporate Facilities Group, responsible for a portfolio of facilities in the Kansas City market. 

Chris joined the Kansas City IFMA Chapter in 2010.  Shortly after joining he became active in the Membership Committee.  Since 2011, he has served as Chair of the Student Liaison Committee.  During his tenure with the ‘Student Committee’, Chris has driven development of relationships with area colleges and led the Committee on several initiatives benefiting the discipline of FM, the Chapter, and fellow Chapter Members.  In 2012 Chris attended Facility Fusion where he was able to receive focused training for future and current Chapter and IFMA leadership.  He is reliable participant in Chapter Leadership, Board Meetings, monthly Programs, and behind the scenes, day-to-day support activities necessary to operate the Chapter.  Chris has served as Vice President since 2014.


“Learn, Connect, Advance”

Participation in Chapter leadership and activities over the past several years has created numerous valuable learning experiences both personally and professionally.  I am committed to continued creation of valuable learning experiences for members and recognize continuous learning and improvement as critical components in advancing the Chapter and FM as a profession.

Currently, we are experiencing retirement of the Chapter’s first generation.  These individuals created the Chapter as a means of connecting.  Connecting continues to be a primary value of membership at both local and international levels.  I am committed to ensuring our Chapter connects with membership.

The Chapter’s first generation advanced their careers and in the process the Chapter and the Association as a whole.  I am committed to continuously driving advancement of membership, the Chapter, and Facility Management as a profession.

I look forward to the opportunity to take a more active role in Chapter leadership as we:  Learn, Connect, Advance.


For Vice President:

   Amy Boesen

Bio:  Amy has 4 years of facility management experience from the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts where she oversees vendor and contract relations and building operations. Amy holds a BS degree in Interior Design and Business minor from Kansas State University, 2011, and an AA in Family and Consumer Sciences from Hutchinson Community College, 2006. Once she became involved in facilities management, Amy joined the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA) and has held the Programs Committee chair for two years and Board Secretary for two years.


I love learning and look forward to attaining my FMP certification this year. Being involved in IFMA helps me attain the knowledge and relationships needed to succeed including the opportunity to teach others also.

For Secretary:   

Bio: Pam has over 15 years as a Project Manager in an Architecture firm honing her skills at managing a diverse collection of people and groups on a regular basis. While managing several projects simultaneously, she became adept at keeping all people involved updated and on track, while keeping her responsibilities current at the same time.

Platform:  Many of the duties of the Secretary are the same type of responsibilities of a Project Manager in a design firm, so I feel comfortable taking on this executive position. As Chair of the Career Committee, I already attend the monthly Board meetings and make time in my schedule to attend the Monthly Program Meetings, so that would not be a change to my current involvement in the Chapter. I would enjoy assisting with check-in so that I would have the opportunity to meet members I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet.

I look forward to the coming year and all the exciting things to come for our chapter!


For Treasurer:

  Lauren Fleischer

Bio: Lauren graduated from Kansas State University, Bachelor of Science in Interior Design in May 1997.

After graduation she worked at Corporate Design Group as an Interior Designer from May 1997 to August 2003. Lauren was hired at Image Flooring as Account Executive in August 2003 where she continues to be successful today. Image Flooring was KCIFMA’s only Gold Corporate Sponsor for years.  And was the first Platinum Sponsor, once that level was created.

Lauren joined IFMA in July 2007. She served KCIFMA on the Membership Committee in 2007. In 2009 Lauren became Membership Chair and served two years in that position. She became Secretary in 2012 and served two years.  Last year she was Treasurer.  She is a very dedicated IFMA member.

Platform:  I have been a KCIFMA member for 9 years and have served on a committee since the beginning of my membership.  My philosophy as a Corporate Sponsor has always been to participate and be involved as much personally, as financially.  Serving on the Executive Board, as Secretary for two years and last two years as Treasurer has been a great way for me to be a part of decisions based on what our members really want.  This has given me insight on all of the other executive positions and responsibilities.  I’ve attended almost every board meeting since serving on a committee or Executive Board.  I’m excited for the opportunity to be Treasurer another year and continue to support the financial aspect of our organization through budgeting, monitoring expenses, and suggesting savings opportunities.  

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